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Parker Insights is a custom marketing research firm that’s spent the past 30 years designing innovative, personalized approaches that optimize our clients’ business performance in the areas of market opportunity, product innovation, in-store engagement, and customer communication.

Best known for having pioneered in-person, blended methodologies, Parker combines the strongest elements of quantitative and qualitative techniques, all in a real-time research environment. By conceptualizing research in a new way, we create superior value for our clients by expanding learning, compressing project cycle times and significantly enhancing return on investment.

Real time methodologies that compress the “time to insight”

Uncovering insights globally since 1985

Customized design provides infinite applications and an iterative learning process, even mid-field

No “hand off” – The team is THE TEAM​

Competitively advantaged innovation is the cornerstone for most companies’ future success.  Having tested over 5,000 concepts, we understand how to help clients make the most of finite resources while maximizing their chances for market success.

How companies speak to their consumers is a key component of the marketing mix.  We have extensive experience testing a variety of communication types, with a normative database to contextualize the findings.

The path to purchase was historically viewed in a linear fashion, but shoppers now travel a different route more dynamic in nature. We deploy iterative, quant-qual insight tools that closely align with these new purchase path realities.

Having a solid understanding of the landscape in which a company competes allows it to seize opportunities and ward off competitors.  We use a range of techniques to give clients a framework to better understand market opportunities.


Our clients are often category leaders and global in scope, ranging from consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, apparel, pharmaceutical, to hospitality, and even entertainment.

While their businesses may differ around the edges, each knows market leadership boils down to having a better understanding of the customer.  They choose Parker Insights to provide superior insights as the first step in achieving in market success.

Food & Beverage
Travel & Hospitality
Apparel & Footwear
Home & Hardware
Health & Beauty
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"Just wanted to send you guys a quick note to say thank you for the on-the-spot response today! I know the client certainly appreciated the attention."

- Strategic Planning Director

" guys have been busy.  This is more than I had expected with the limited time we gave you, so I appreciate the amount of work on this so far."

- Consumer Insights Manager

"Thanks for presenting yesterday!  A pleasure from our side too on working with you and the research is definitely a great input for the project going forward."

-Brand Manager, Innovation

Retail Trends of 2017

With the large plethora of new technologies and the high demand for luxury and convenience, many aspects of the retail landscape and consumer experience are changing and doing so drastically.  Here are some of the latest trends in retail for 2017.

Travel & Hospitality Trends of 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From the technologically advanced rooms and check-in process all the way down to the types of food and beverage being offered, guests are speaking out and hotels are listening. Here are some of the latest trends in travel and hospitality this year.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lola has been with Parker Insights for ten years now, so we thought it would be fun to tell you some interesting, unknown facts about her.

Solar Marketing: Capitalizing on the Eclipse

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Businesses aren’t going to let a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse overshadow a retail opportunity.

Penalty Analysis

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At Parker Insights, we use Penalty Analysis to identify potential directions for the improvement of products based on consumer feedback.  The method can be used for any type of product – food/beverage, personal care, household products, apparel, etc.

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